Compact Electronic Vacuum Gauge With Digital

Compact Electronic Vacuum Gauge With Digital

Code: ROB-14777

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Compact Electronic Vacuum Gauge

No. ROB-14777

Compact Electronic Vacuum Gauge

Robinair’s electronic vacuum gauge is just 2 ½" x 3" in size, but accurate enough to clearly indicate when the system is free from moisture and ready of recharging. Specifically designed for use with a high vacuum pump, the ROB- 14777 measures to 10 microns. The digital display reads in ranges beginning with 10, 000 microns (just push a button to select Torr or kPa readings). As the vacuum pump continues to pull down, the instrument registers in ever-smaller segments from 1000s of microns to segments of 500s to 50s. The ultimate reading is 10 microns.

  • Clearly Shows Vacuum Level - The display is an easy-to-read LCD type
    with readout showing the current vacuum level. It also indicates the unit of
    measurement, so there's no guessing or confusion.
  • 6' Lead for Service Flexibility - The pressure transducer measuring
    vacuum level is attached to a 6' long lead that plugs into the instrument.
    You can hang the gauge in a location that's convenient for you to monitor
    vacuum level. Because the transducer with lead is removable, it can be
    easily replaced, if necessary
  • Hangs Up During Service - Use the heavy-duty magnetic strip on the
    back of the unit to attach to the A/C or refrigeration unit. You can position
    the ROB-14777 where it's easy to read the LCD.

Takes the guesswork out of evacuations.
Without a vacuum gauge, you risk not dehydrating the system completely and causing operational problems down the road. Or you waste time by running the vacuum pump long after evacuation is complete. Because the instrument is sensitive to water vapor, it gives a reliable indication of the actual vacuum level within the system - no more wondering if the
system is ready for recharging.

Hassle-Free Operations.
The ROB-14777 is easy to use. Just connect the transducer lead to an access port on the system or off the inlet tee on the vacuum pump. Press the on/off button and select the unit of measure, the start the vacuum pump. For large systems, you can save battery life by running the pump for a few minutes, then turning the vacuum gauge on - all it takes is the
push of a button.

Power Supply
Vacuum Fitting
Length of Lead
One 9v battery (included)
¼" MFL
6 feet (8.3 m)
2 ½" W x 3" H x 1" D (6.35 cm x 7.62 cm x 2.54 cm)



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