UV Leak Detection TRACKER

UV Leak Detection TRACKER

Code: ROB-16290

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ROB-16290 UV Leak Detection TRACKER

TRACKER's ultraviolet leak detection system helps you find leaks fast!

Just inject our special dyes into the A/C system and shine the UV lamp on components and fittings. The dye combines with the refrigerant lubricant and migrates out at a leak point where it shines brightly in the beam of the UV light.


  • Advanced Formula Dyes
  • Super luminescence makes leaks easy to spot.
  • Long-lasting dyes will not break down over time, stay fluorescent in the system for two years or more, according to OEM tests.
  • Concentrated dye means you use less (see chart).
  • Comes in handy bottles.
  • Won't affect the viscosity of refrigerant lubricants or harm the system in any way.
  • Easy-to-Use Dye Injector
  • Let's you add dye to a fully charged system.
  • Eliminates the need to recover, evacuate and recharge to get dye into the system.
  • Just pour one bottle into the barrel of the injector, connect the fitting to the low side fitting and press the plunger that's all there is to it!
  • Durable UV Lamp
  • High intensity, focused beam makes even small leaks visible and is bright enough to be used in daylight.
  • Rugged case and shock-absorbing mechanism protect the lamp from damage.
  • The UV bulb is rated for 3000 hours and is economical to replace when necessary
  • Comes with 15 foot power cord with battery clips or a transformer for 115V operation doing away with heavy batteries and frequent recharging.
  • For R-12 and R-134a leak detection. Packed in a rugged carrying case
  • Includes 12V lamp, 15 foot power cord with battery clips, 24 bottles universal A/C dye, R-12 injector, R-134a injector and UV shield/enhancer glasses