Robinair High Pressure Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair High Pressure Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Portable Refrigerant Recovery System Robinair Promax


Portable Refrigerant Recovery System Robinair Promax

Automatic Features Free You Up to Do Other Work!

Since federal law prohibits venting of refrigerant during service work, you need a recovery unit thatís simple to use works with existing equipment and standard procedures thatís easy to carry to and from the job site. With this in mind, Robinair engineers incorporated all the functions you need and the features you want in a compact new ease the Cool-Tech line of equipment.

Checkout these great HVAC benefits:
  • Fast Recovery Ė A heavy-duty compressor and large condenser work together to
    minimize recovery time.
  • Oil-less Compressor - Quiet running and never requires an oil change; also
    eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between refrigerant types; poppet valve
    design handles liquid with ease.
  • Simple Operation - Controls are kept to a minimum and are clearly marked.
  • User Protection - Robinair builds safety features such as high-pressure cut-off
    switches into all its equipment.
  • Economical - Engineering advances, partnerships with key suppliers, plus a great
    new case for all our HVAC models help us keep costs down and quality up.
The 25200B include all the great features of the Robinair and Promax line for HVAC service, plus automatic operation that reduces the amount of user attention needed.

  • Liquid to Vapor Switching- Provides continuous recovery without the need to change
    the hose configuration or flip a switch
  • Automatic Liquid Lift- Lets you rapidly transfer large amounts of refrigerant
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off- A high pressure cut-out switch cycles the unit off
Simplifies A/C-R Service
  • Self-Clearing- Lets you work on a variety of systems without contaminating
    refrigerant tanks
  • Quick Hook-Ups- Fittings are located on the control panel for convenience
  • Pressure Gauges- For monitoring recovery progress and pressure in the tank
  • Ample Heat Exchange- An extra-large condenser and fan provide maximum heat
  • Ergonomic Design- The back panel is concave so it fits along side your hip and
    leg as you walk, while components are so balanced, the unit actually feels lighter
    than it is. The molded handle is sized for a comfortable grip when you carry the
    unit. Compact with rounded corners, the case is made of high impact
    polypropylene for long-lasting durability.
Also Includes:
  • (4) 60in. hoses with ball valves




115v 60 Hz

Recovery Rate:

Vapor .4 to .6 lbs./min (0.18 to 0.27 kg/min)


Liquid 5 to 7 lbs./min (2.3 to 3.2 kg/min)

Operating Range:

0 degrees to 105 degrees F(-18-deg. C to 41-deg. C)

Inlet Fitting:

1/4in. MFL

Refrigerant Tank:

30 LB (14kg) or 50 LB (23kg) refillable (not included)


20 in. H x 12-1/2in. W x 10-1/2in. D (50.8 cm x 31.75 cm x 26.67 cm)


32 lbs. (14.51 kg)



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