Evacuation Unit/Telescoping Funnel

Evacuation Unit/Telescoping Funnel

Code: SAM-1310

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Product Details

SAM-1310 Waste Oil Evacuation Unit/Telescoping Funnel

Fully equipped mobile, pressurized evacuation units for suction of used oil. ASME approved tank with pressure gauge, muffler and sight gauge. 20-gallon capacity with a 7ft clear visible suction hose with quarter-turn valve and quick coupler fitting. Once holding tank is full evacuation is pressurized. 6 ft clear visible discharge hose with anti-sparking nozzle. Heavy-duty large diameter rear wheels for mobility on uneven surfaces and two front swivel wheels assure stability during evacuation. 

No. 321-1310 is the same as model 321-1300 except with telescoping funnel, quarter-turn shut-off valve, heavy-duty bowl with screen for traditional gravity draining.