3/8Dr, 6pt Deep Swivel Fractional Impact Socket Set 7pc

3/8Dr, 6pt Deep Swivel Fractional Impact Socket Set 7pc

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Product Details

7 piece set is Made Iin the USA featuring the SK's High Visibility technology. The sockets are coated with a rust-preventative compound, which makes them exceptionally resistant to corrosive factors. In addition to the rust-preventative coating, the sockets are laser engraved every 120° with extra-large markings for improved readability. All the SK impact sockets feature the SK's SureGrip® hex design, which drives the side of the hex, not the corner. This not only provides increased strength, but also avoids the rounding of rusted or damaged fasteners, which can occur when using a sharp cornered hex tool. Extra recess depth to allow for use where threaded fasteners protrude above the nut or where the fastener is domed, and a 30 degree flex angle allow for improved access. SK's smooth collar design protects the user's hand while in use by preventing the pin from working loose.


  • Corrosive resistant and laser engraved every 120-degrees
  • 30 degree flex angle and smooth collar design
  • SureGrip hex design drives the side of the fastener, not the corner
  • Swivel Sockets provide increased access
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

What's Included

  • Contains: 3/8in Drive 3/8in, 7/16in, 1/2in, 9/16in, 5/8in, 11/16in, 3/4in Sockets. Packaged on a rail.



Country of Origin

Made in USA