Extention Tube For Hatch Jammer

Extention Tube For Hatch Jammer

Code: STK-17150

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Extension Tube for HatchJammer

No. STK-17150

Extension Tube for HatchJammer

Extension Tube for HatchJammer
The Hatch Jammer Xtension Tube allows body shop technicians to add length to their existing Hatch Jammer (PN 17100) to hold lift gate or hatch in a partially open position for sanding, painting, buffing like they do today with the original Hatch Jammer or totally open to easily replace lift struts or work inside the hatch or cargo area without having the hatch fall. Hatch doors are easily positioned by attaching the metal J hook end to the striker and latching the larger loop end of the extender bar to the latch. It has adjustable slide bars which gives up to 59in. to adjust the angle and is secured with two locking pins and tightened with three adjustment knobs.


  • Hatch Jammer Xtension Tube easily fits inside the Hatch Jammer and adjusts the work angle of the hatch door from 15in. to 21in. to 34in. and to full extension of 59in.
  • The Hatch Jammer with the Hatch Jammer Xtension Tube will stabilize the hatch for easier prep and painting of the hatch as well as holding the hatch fully open to replace struts and allow access for work inside the cargo area
  • Saves up to 10 minutes of set-up time by eliminating the need to continually adjust wooden blocks that shift during the paint and repair operations improving quality of work



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