Spider Enclosed Air Hoses Reels 32-1/2 ft

Spider Enclosed Air Hoses Reels 32-1/2 ft

Code: VAC-245-0060

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Product Details

VAC-245-0060Spider Enclosed Air Hoses Reels 32-1/2 ft

The SPIDER REEL is not just another air hose reel, it is an automatic reel that is extremely different. Its original outside appearance to the technically superior air hose reel inside, it has been specially designed to provide the highest reliability. The reel's PUR Hose is practically indestructible. It allows working pressure up to 232 PSI (16 bar). Utilizing top quality material and technology, the SPIDER REEL is designed for comfortable handling and a lifetime of use. Includes hardware for wall mounting and service instructions.


  • Spring force is adjustable from outside. Unique self-contained steel cartridge for safe and easy servicing
  • Plastic reel protects hose from abrasion for a long life. Notched disk case-hardened steel makes latching precise and easy
  • PUR hose is unkinkable with high flexibility and oil resistance. Plastic housing is rugged and shock-resistant, protecting hose from dirt and dust
  • Dimensions: 13.4in L x 11in H x 4.7in W, 300 degree Swing
  • Working Media: Air
  • Hose Material: Polyurethane Braided
  • Hose Dimensions: 5/16in x 15/32in (8mm x 12mm)
  • Reel Housing: PEHD Polyethlene High Density
  • Reel Material: PEHD Polyethlene High Density
  • Working Pressure: 232 PSI (16 BAR) max
  • Air Connection: 1/4in Non-Swivel Adapter
  • Temperature Range: -22 F to +140 F (-30 C to +60 C)
  • Shipping Weight: 14lbs