Scribe Type Toe Gauge w/Scribe 5in & 10in Legs, 11in & 17in Pointers

WA0517 Scribe Type Toe Gauge w/Scribe - 5in & 10in Legs, 11in & 17in

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WA0517 Scribe Type Toe Gauge w/Scribe – 5in. & 10in. Legs, 11in. & 17in. Pointers



  • The WA0517 has 5in. and 10in. legs, 11in. and 17in. pointers.
  • Comes with the WA0516 scribe
  • Wheel-A-Matic corporation offers the simplest, most accurate and economical toe gauges on the market  today for trucks, buses, R.V.'s and other large vehicles. They are recommended by leading truck rental and leasing companies for use in their maintenance programs, saving thousands of dollars on tire wear caused by incorrect toe on their vehicles.
  • The easy to use pointer and scribe method of measurement, accurately and simply, gives the reading quickly and exactly.
  • The vehicle does not have to be moved to make the readings.
  • The work can be done by one person.
  • Fior many years these gauges have been the favorite of alignment technicians.
  • They are designed for reading toe by measuring the distance between marks previously scribed at approximately the center of the tire treads.
  • Pointers are adjustable to hub height for greater accuracy.
  • Built of heavy durable castings and bright zinc 18 gauge welded steel tubing, 8 feet in length, to assure long life without bar distortion.
  • The dial is graduated in thirty-seconds of an inch and in millimeters.
  • These gauges should be used with the WA1841 Truck Front Slip Plate

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