Brake Drum Dolly Back Buddy

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No. SST 350B - Back Buddy


No. SST 350B

BACK BUDDY Brake Drum Dolly

No. SST 350B

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Brake Work Just Got Easier, Faster and SAFER!

Struggling with heavy drums can hurt both your mechanics and your business. The Back Buddy tool was designed to prevent injuries from awkward lifting and keep COMP rates down. It rolls under, bolts on, and rolls out with the drum and/or hub assemblies, then lays over for service. Re-assembly is quick and precise because the Back Buddy tool angles for perfect hub alignment, eliminating seal damage and costly comebacks. Brake jobs go faster and more profitable and best of all, no one has to pay the price of a ruined back.


Increased roadside inspections by the Department of Transportation require truck brakes to be serviced frequently. Additional servicing of heavy hub and drum assemblies increases the risk of back injuries and compensation claims. This quality service tool is designed to meet the demand in the trucking industry for a quick, safe, reliable way to service brake systems.

Part No.


SST 0002

Adapter Set for 10 Hole Inboard Hubs & Drums (11.25" On Center)

SST 0003

Adapter Set for 10 Hole Outboard Drums (11.25" On Center)

SST 0004

Adapter Set for 5 & 6 Spoke Hub & Drums (20 & 22 Inch Wheels)

SST 0005

Adapter Set for 8 Hole, 275mm Bolt Circle Outboard Drum. Stud Diameter 5/8" to 1-1/8".

SST 0006

Adapter Set for 8 Hole, 275mm Bolt Circle Outboard Drum. Back Plate Thickness to 1/2"

SST 0007

Adapter Set for Servicing 6 Hole Hub 8-3/4" Bolt Circle with 1-1/8" Diameter Stud.

SST 0008

Adapter Set for 6 Hole 8-3/4" Bolt Circle Outboard Drums to 1/2" Thickness.

SST 1001

Accessory Tool Box (Free With Purchase of No. SST 350A)

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