ARC Welder 230 Amp

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No. SOL 2234 - POWERDISC AC/DC Arc Welder


No. SOL 2234

AC/DC ARC Welder

  • This popular Arc Welder delivers 230 Amps AC and 140 Amps DC.
  • Welds up to 1/4 Inch Steel in a single pass.
  • Welds in Any Position - even overhead and vertical.
  • DC Reverse Polarity - best for welding thin sheet metal, cast iron, high carbon steel. Makes overhead welding as easy as flat.
  • DC Straight Polarity - ideal for hard facing, cutting, burning holes, welding stainless steel.
  • AC Current - for general work on mild steel, carbon arc brazing and heating.
  • 100% Tapering to 20% Duty Cycle allows longer welding.

Come Complete with Helmet, Electrode holder and 12-foot cable, Ground clamp and 10 foot cable, and Easy to understand instruction manual.


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